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South Korea’s capital, Seoul, is the most gay-oriented city, in addition to having one of the most gay friendly scenes. This city concentrates on making people from all walks of life feel welcomed.

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Tokyo Main Image


Neon lights and massive skyscrapers meet the ancient, mystic charm of Asia.  Tokyo is part of one of the most densely-populated metropolitan areas in the world and is quickly becoming a top LGBT tourist destination.

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St. Thomas Main Image

St. Thomas

The most populous and urban of the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is a one-stop shop for fun, beaches, relaxation, and island-inspired nightlife.

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Providence Main Image


Providence is the second-largest city in America with an openly gay mayor and has long been a tolerant, erudite, and progressive community.

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West Hollywood Main Image

West Hollywood

The gay neighborhood of Los Angeles, West Hollywood is the place to be seen and experience the best shopping and dining on the west coast and experience some of the most wildest and extravagant nightlife there is. Keep your eyes open, you may…

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Cabarete Main Image


Cabarete has always been an undiscovered treasure in the Dominican Republic. Quietly, it is also becoming a place where gay travelers are starting to venture in increasing numbers.

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St. Paul Main Image

St. Paul

St. Paul is finally getting the recognition it deserves as a mini gay mecca together with Minneapolis.

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Albany Main Image


Albany offers much more than just a political atmosphere as the state capitol of New York. It has a rich ancestral history and a unique cultural presence of nightlife and sight-seeing. The downtown area of Albany is home to a hotspot of bars…

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Krakow Main Image


Perhaps not the first destination on a European traveler’s mind, Poland has reemerged as not only a top stop in Europe, but a top stop worldwide.  The most mysterious of Europe’s big countries, Poland’s rich monarchical history…

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Honduras Main Image


Pristine beaches, lush tropical jungles, fascinating ancient ruins, and breathtaking mountains wait for the gay traveler.

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