The dog days of summer are starting to wind down, but before you throw your mankini into the closet, toss the razors and get into hibernation mode, it’s time to make the most out of the remaining weeks of hot weather. These lesser-known beaches are the perfect locales for lazing in the sand, working on your tan and checking out some eye candy, so get out for a last-minute summer gaycation while you still can.

1. Amelia Island

Florida has so much more to offer the LGBT community than Disney World and orange juice. If you’re thinking of a trip over to this dangling appendage of the United States, Amelia Island will make you never want to leave. The Southernmost destination of the Sea Islands, the beaches here are warm, pristine and have the option of going as swank as you want.

2. Bonny Doon Beach

For those more interested in the West Coast, Bonny Doon Beach is the perfect place to strip down and strut around in your birthday suit while soaking up the summer rays. One of California’s best nude beaches, this beach is so gay you can hardly see straight, and its location just outside Santa Cruz makes it the perfect daytrip for those staying in or around this coastal city.

3. Salema, Portugal

Travelers making it to Europe’s eastern shore this summer should make a trip down to Portugal’s southern tip, the Algarve, to catch some of the quaintest beaches still unspoiled by crowds. Salema is an old fishing village filled with traditional stucco houses, tiny markets and a single main street. It won’t be much longer before the tourists come home, so to speak, so grab your plane ticket and get on out to there.

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