Not all vacations are created equal. There are the basic tried-and-true vacays, and then there are the vacays that take things up a notch. Unless you're basic (we doubt that), you definitely don't want your vacation to be. These three gay-friendly vacations that are guaranteed to wedge you out of your comfort zone.

1. Adult Camp

Summer camp for grownups is your opportunity to feel like a kid again… Except this time you’re out, surrounded by amazing LGBT campers. Oh, and there’s wine. CampCamp in an all-inclusive week of everything you loved about summer camp: you’ll make crafts while you make friends, experience all of the outdoor fun that southwest Maine has to offer and did we mention there’s Capture the Wig? It’s like capture the flag, but way gayer.

2. Bike Tour

A bike tour – especially a gay bike tour – is not your standard vacation. HeTravel offers bike tours geared (pun intended) toward gay men and lesbians through some of the most beautiful places on the planet. You can ride along the coast of France, through the rolling hills of Slovenia or past Italian villages, experiencing the culture and scenery of each locale.

3. Yacht Week

You don’t know what yacht week is? It’s only the most fun you can have in Croatia. The Pink Armada, aka Gay Sail Croatia, takes you to the Adriatic for a week of island-hopping that will introduce you to the beauty of the region, the fun of yachting and lots of gay men. You don’t need to know how to sail, only how to have a good time. 

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