Located 22 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach is a coastal city with a mild climate and plenty of things to do for a gay traveler looking for a more laid back experience than the City of Angels itself. That said, the Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Festival is the third largest gay pride festival in the United States, and this seaside town features plenty of gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses. Here are five spots we recommend.

1. The Silver Fox—411 Redondo Avenue


Southern California’s first video bar, the Silver Fox has been in business since the 1980’s and is now one of the most popular nightclubs in Long Beach. Known locally as the Fox, they have the largest selection of spirits in the city and recently remodeled their entire interior to create a more lounge-style atmosphere with more seating and luminous lighting. Various weekly events include a Tuesday 2 for 1 promotion, Happy Hour special pricing, live DJ's every weekend, and Karaoke each Sunday.

2. Falcon Bar—1435 East Broadway


Located on the Broadway Corridor, Falcon Bar is owned by Michael Barber, a former bartender. Though only about 700 square feet, Falcon Bar is trendy and has a huge, diverse clientele. Black lights and wall projections, as well as daily events, including their weekly $1.50 Beer Fest every Sunday, make the Falcon a fun spot on any night out.

3. Paradise Bar & Restaurant—1800 East Broadway


A few steps away from Falcon Bar, Paradise Bar & Restaurant is also owned by Michael Barber and attracts an older, unique clientele of families and groups looking for both drinks and a good bite to eat. A local landmark in and of itself, the building it is housed in is from the 1920’s and the interior reflects a sense of nostalgic charm. While the menu itself is somewhat limited, live entertainment is a staple of Paradise, as well as weekly karaoke and other events, giving it a cheery, campy vibe.

4. Hamburger Mary’s—330 Pine Avenue


Part of the infamous chain, Hamburger Mary’s is always a crowd favorite. Serving tasty shareable appetizers, mouthwatering burgers, and delicious desserts, you can’t go wrong with the food here. Plus, their calendar is packed full of some of the best drag entertainment in all of Southern California. It would serve you well to call ahead and schedule a reservation if you plan on eating here on the weekend—this place gets packed!

5. Club Ripples—5101 East Ocean Boulevard


Separated from the bars and restaurants of Downtown Long Beach, Club Ripples is located right on the beach. Between the beautiful ocean view, Pacific breezes, drink specials, weekly parties and events, free parking, and two dance floors and a patio, Club Ripples is one of the best places to dance the night away in all of Long Beach.

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