Our newest partnership is the unique site MeetMeOnBoard.com which connects gay cruise ship passengers using elements of social media, plus includes a unique gay cruise calendar, expert advice, forums, and lots of profiles!

They’re talking real cruisers…not park cruisers! Gay men seem to love cruise travel, but not all of us want to take an “all gay cruise.” Still, many gay cruise passengers enjoy meeting other gays on board, and if you’re one of them, the unique site MeetMeOnBoard.com helps you do it. And with over 5,000 frequent cruisers, it's easy to meet others on your upcoming cruise.

Gay cruise passengers use MeetMeOnBoard.com in many ways—the site’s main functionality is to connect gays who love to cruise—either before, during, or after a cruise. To do this, you simply join the site and create a profile. You list your upcoming cruises, and then people can search for you by that cruise, and you can search for others the same way.

Another popular feature is the site’s Gay Cruise Calendar – which lists many gay group cruises (large and small), and all-gay cruises. If you’re planning a group cruise, it’s possible to list it there and help grow your group!

The site was started by real guys, Mark and Dale, of Phoenix, who love cruising and wanted to meet other gay cruisers. “I had no idea it would turn into something this big,” Mark says. “But I love ‘meeting’ so many other gay cruisers, both electronically and on ships!’”

So cruise on over and check out our friends at MeetMeOnBoard.com. See you on a cruise soon?

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