Here at GayTravel,  we often find ourselves waiting in an airport lobby, sitting on a that 5 hour flight hopping back and forth from East to West coast USA, or even those cramped and long flights across the pond. We get to explore beautiful islands, vast deserts, and the worlds top LGBT destinations. With all that traveling we rely on some nifty gadgets to make our travels more comfortable, easier, and more memorable. Here are 6 of our favorite gadgets we are using as we travers the world making gay travel available to all. 


1. iPad Mini With Retina Display

Starting at $399

Assuming you won't be working out of the office while traveling, a small tablet such as the Ipad Mini should offer everything you need to help you explore guides to the new cities you are visiting, finding the best local eateries and attractions, and keepingup with frienda and family via twitter, email, and all those epic travel pics you'll be posting to your Instagram. If you are already an Apple user and have an iPhone, the iPad Mini will be extremely easy to use and sync seamlessly with all your Apple products. This tablet offers 10 hours of battery life with a single charge which should keep you in business on a long flight. 

2. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Starting at $299

QuietComfort® 25 headphones are re-engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to take with you. Put them on, and suddenly everything changes. Your music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer. Even air travel becomes enjoyable, as engine roar gently fades away. No matter how noisy the world is, it's just you and your music—or simply peace and quiet.

3. GoPro HERO 3

Starting at $199

The GoPro has become a staple of travelers capturing amzing images and video of their journeys. The new HERO 3 by GoPro is affordable at just $199 and offers far superior image/video resolution than earlier models. Surfing in Bali? Riding camels at the pyramids of Giza? Enjoying the gay nightlife in Sitges? Take your GoPro along and take a look at your adventures when you get home and relive all those amazing moments again.

4. iPod Nano with Multi-Touch

Starting at $149

Nothing sets the mood of your travels better than you personal playlist, and with the new iPod Nano being about the size of a credit card — and just 5.4 mm thin — it can easliy go with you anywhere.  The new Multi-Touch technology makes for an incredibly user friendly interface which helps tremendously for travelers who want something they can pull out of their pocket, quickly find what they are looking for, and get back to enjoying tunes while exploring new destinations. 

6. Mophie Space Pack

Starting at $150

This may just be the most essential thing you should add to your arsenal before heading out on your next adventure. It not only doubles the battery life of your iPhone, it doubles the data storage up to 32 gigabytes "creating enough space for all your media, be it movies and tunes for a 19-hour flight to Sydney or tons of vacation snaps. A companion app integrates seamlessly with iTunes and photo gallery, allowing you to access and manage any file you may have downloaded from an email, from text documents to movies."

Article by Rian Rhoads 

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