If you've ever received a late alert from an airline about changes in your flight, drove around on a nearly empty tank looking for cheap gas or scrambled to calculate currency while traveling abroad, you've probably longed for a way to make travel less of a headache. Take heart. There are a growing number of mobile apps available—many are free—that can do just that.

1. FlightTrack Pro

Frequent flyers will find the $9.99 price tag well worth it for this app, which not only provides up-to-the-minute flight time, terminal and gate information, but even provides air terminal maps. FlightTrack Pro can also help busy travelers tap into SeatGuru's seating charts to find best choices for comfy leg room and other amenities. But maybe best of all is FlightTrack Pro's use of historical data to predict delays in your flight. You can download FlightTrak Pro for Blackberry, Android and iOS platforms.

2. Oanda Currency Converter

If you've ever hesitated while trying to figure out whether or not you were about to pay way too many Euros for that breakfast buffet, the Oanda Currency Converter is beckoning you. This free app is available for Blackberry, Android, iOS and Windows platforms and mirrors features of its easy-to-use Web site counterpart. International travelers can choose from over 190 currencies and four metals, and even include any applicable bank rates.

3. Navita Translator

Navita allows Blackberry 10 on T-Mobile users to translate more than 50 languages and also includes a text-to-speech feature for seven of the languages most likely encountered by travelers. Another handy feature of this free app: Navita Translator allows you to relay the translated word or phrase easily via email, SMS, Twitter and other messaging systems.

4. GasBuddy

For those traveling a bit closer to home, there are mobile versions of the popular Web site GasBuddy. Available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms, this free app can help you find the cheapest gas while on the go. Search for gas stations nearby offering the lowest price per gallon and join in the GasBuddy community by reporting gas prices and working your way toward price giveaways for your efforts.

5. TripIt

Keep all your itineraries and related travel details organized and at your fingertips with the popular TripIt app. Available for the Blackberry, Android and iOS platforms, this free app was rated "Best Travel Mobile App" by the Webby Awards in 2011 and Fast Company has called it the best travel app imaginable. TripIt can handle everything from flight info to hotels to car rentals—even booking confirmation numbers and dinner reservations. TripIt also allows users to export trip data to its calendars.

6. WiFi Finder

Finding a way to stay connecting when traveling in a new city can be frustrating. But WiFi Finder can easily track down those elusive WiFi hotspots for you. Search ahead of time and save the results in case you are worried about having good mobile access at your destination. WiFi Finder is available free for Blackberry, Android and iOS platforms.

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