It's been said that seeing all of America gives you a cultural experience as rich as seeing Europe. While that may or may not be true, America certainly has a lot of things to see and places to explore. From Alaska to Florida, each state and region has its owncultural experience. Here are some of the most active, vibrant cities in the U.S. to visit or move to.

Atlanta, Ga.

Made famous by "Gone With The Wind" and the 1996 Olympics, Atlanta is a great place to see. It's filled with museums, art, culture, and restaurants. Additionally, many major conventions and events come to Atlanta including DragonCon.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of those places that few Americans think about visiting. However, as an American territory, Puerto Rico retains all of its exotic foreign flavor without sacrificing any of America's niceties. You don't even need a passport to visit Puerto Rico, and San Juan has a tropical beach so beautiful that it's won awards.

Houston, TX

Austin was once considered Texas's best city; today the buzz is all about Houston. This once stuffy city has taken on a new life, attracting hipsters, vacationers, and new demographics in droves. Its restaurants are on their way to becoming the best in the state. Art and architecture are also thriving in this city as never before. If you're wanting to move to Houston, then check out apartments for rent in Houston. It'll save you time and money, so you can use that for the fun things in the city.

Fairbanks, Ala.

Fairbanks is home to the famous Northern lights. It's also filled with great restaurants, pubs, and local flavor. The vast wilderness surrounding Fairbanks remains largely untouched. If you love nature, then Fairbanks is the place for you.

Washington, D.C.

Washington has always been a great place to visit because of its many museums and rich political and historical heritage. Today, Washington is actually getting a reputation for being a food capital as well as being the nation's capital. Young chefs are opening new and trendy restaurants while many more diverse food options are available in the local markets.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

There's an old Joke in New York that not even the cabs go to Brooklyn. However, that reputation is undeserved. Brooklyn is home to a large number of well-off professionals. It also has some the best restaurants, museums, and gardens. Brooklyn Heights (a real place), was actually made famous by being the residence of choice of the Huxtable family from the Cosby Show.

New Orleans, La.

New Orleans has one of the most unique cultures anywhere. It's the home of Jazz, the beignet, and Mardi Gras. Unlike many other places, water is so much a part of New Orleans culture that you can actually arrive by boat instead of flying. It has night clubs, museums, historic mansions, old cemeteries, and lots of regionally specific food.

When it comes to seeing the world, it's best to start with America. Its vast lands and diverse regions mean that you can travel anywhere and have a unique experience. Restaurants, museums, parks, and more are all waiting for you in some of America's best cities. No currency conversion or passport required. And you'll save money doing it.

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