By Davey Wavey

I spend most of my time in Rhode Island, and I’ve developedsomething of an insane mindset. For the 9 colder months of the year, I findmyself irritated by the cold weather and desperately looking forward to thesummer. And for the 3 summer months, I deprive myself of enjoyment by fearingwinter’s fast-approaching arrival. I can’t win.

Winter always seems to come too soon, so let’s focus on 7ways to make the most of summer—whether you’re at home or on the road.

1.    Indulgein fresh produce. 

While our supermarkets have every fruit and everyvegetable all year long, none of it can hold a candle to the wind that is freshlocal produce. A quick Google search will uncover small, family-owned farms inyour community. Whether it’s corn, tomatoes or fresh berries, it can’t be beat.Live it up, while you can!

2.    Get wet.

I’m not picky.  It could be a beach, pond or a sprinkler in your neighbor’sbackyard—just get wet! Summer weekends are far and few between, so maybe even setaside a day for anything water-related. Even if it’s filling up a small plastickiddie pool on your back porch. Who says you can’t be 5 again?

3.    Gooutside.

And show some skin. Before we know it, we’ll all be back in sweaters,scarves and decorating the tree. So enjoy the warmth of summer before the daysonce again get shorter and colder. Let your legs, arms (and maybe even more!)see the light of day. And the sun is a great source of Vitamin D—but rememberto wear your sunscreen.

4.    Visit anice cream stand. 

And order an extra scoop. I’m a big believer in eatinghealthy 80% of the time—but we need balance, too. You can’t have summerwithout ice cream—so get your sugar on without feeling guilty. Make it count; gobig or go home with an extra scoop.

5.    Turn thecomputer off. 

Yes, this advice is coming from someone who makes theirliving online. But all my blog posts and Davey Wavey YouTube videos will bethere for you to discover when the days get colder. Enjoying summer iswonderfully low-tech, so schedule some computer-free time to encourage youroutdoor excursions.

6.    Go to afestival. 

No matter where you live, summer calendars are filled with noshortage of festivals celebrating everything from music to culture to friedfoods on a stick. Do a search for festivals in your community or thesurrounding area. Plan it in advance, post it on Facebook, invite your friendsand make it happen!

7.    Take atrip. 

I know that the economy is down and that budgets are tight, but thereare plenty of mini-vacations or staycations that are totally affordable andsuper fun. Camping, for example, is a great and inexpensive option that makesthe most of the season. Or, just get in the car and visit somewhere for a dayor two. Summer is a great travel opportunity that we can’t afford to miss.

Even as I write this post, I canfeel the grip of summer loosening—the sun is setting earlier and the nightshave a distinct chill. Time is of the essence, so use these tips to get everylast ounce of goodness out of your summer days.

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