Although Aspen Gay Ski Week has come to an end this year we are already excited about what it will bring in 2013!  This year we had the opportunity to offer an awesome trip to two lucky winners to attend AGSW courtesy of GayTravel.comAspen Gay Ski Week, and our friends at Grindr.

We had a chance to catch up with the winners of this year’s giveaway and this is what they had to say…

“This really was a fantastic trip! Both my partner and I have skied for 25 years, but since we were in Aspen for a whole week, we decided to try snowboarding. After 2 days of lessons and many many falls, we really enjoyed boarding!”


What can you tell us about your host hotel?

The Limelight was a fantastic host hotel. Nothing better than soaking in a hot tub outside with the mountains around you and great looking men surrounding you! Just an absolutely beautiful hotel.


What would you tell other travelers who are thinking about visiting Aspen?

“Aspen itself was one of the most idyllic places I've been. If you like high end shopping and gallery hopping, I'd say the place is second to none! FANTASTIC restaurants! During the week we had several great meals.”


We know that AGSW is packed full of fun events but we would like to know what your favorite was?

“Favorite event? Probably the Pool Party. How can you go wrong with 500 guys in bathing suits, an open bar, fantastic music and a water park that felt like Disney World! There was lots of alcohol consumed and I'll guarantee EVERYONE had a fantastic time!"

"Also, the mountain top dance party on Friday night was fantastic! I did think the music was a bit off that night, but you can hardly go wrong with a gondola ride up and down the mountain in the dark with the lights of Aspen twinkling in the background! Great night! The best dance party was definitely at Belly Up the night before. DJ Corey Craig was on fire!”

Stay tuned for next year and hopefully we can offer another great prize to Aspen Gay Ski Week

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