“Love is Welcome Here.”

That’s the message Airbnb is hoping to get out with its new documentary of the same name, part of the company’s #HostWithPride campaign, aimed at celebrating LGBT couples and shining a spotlight on some of the challenges the community faces when traveling.

On the heels of the landmark Supreme Court ruling legalizing marriage equality in the United States, the documentary is particularly timely. Sociaty is clearly moving in a more accepting direction in the U.S., but elsewhere, ther's still much work to be done. Airbnb doesn’t begin to claim their company can guarantee a perfect, discrimination-free environment, but in telling the stories of LGBTs through this documentary, it’s clear they want to be part of the solution.

"We look forward to a world where all love is welcome,” they state in the documentary. And as a company that prides itself on working with some of the most inclusive properties and destinations around the glove, we couldn’t agree more.

Watch Airbnb’s new doc, created in partnership with Molecule, here. 

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