The Danish LGBT community has much to be thankful for when celebrating Copenhagen Pride 14-19 August - but little left to fight for. With the recent passing of the Marriage Equality Law it is time to turn the attention to some of the LGBT communities around the world that are still fighting for even the most basic rights and the opportunity to leave in peace from oppression.

The new organization ALLRIGHTSCPH has joined forced with Amnesty International Denmark, Copenhagen Pride and a number of sponsors to organize a charity party for Ugandan LGBT community: "Pride with a Purpose".

Here is an overview of the event:

"Calling to mind a time where the homosexual club scene seriously made itself seen and heard, but certainly wasn’t fully accepted, KB3 will be transformed into an impressive visual universe of 80s noir and glamour, backed by LIVE acts from some of the current best DJs in Denmark. Nowadays, homosexual culture is luckily seen as a positive and progressive part of the scene, but this is absolutely not the case internationally. We can and must improve the situations of those in other countries who are less fortunate than us through raising awareness and focus on demanding these basic human rights internationally.

Our goal, thus, is not only to host a party where we celebrate our own identity and freedom, but to direct a huge amount of attention towards Uganda, where homosexuals experience extreme discrimination, risking death penalty and exile on a daily basis. The homophobism in Uganda is prevalent throughout massive parts of the population, the government and the religious leadership. The Danish minister of foreign aid, Christian Friis Bach, has several times brought up the difficulty of the Ugandan situation, and has recently pronounced the inevitability that Denmark must consider redirecting the massive amounts of foreign aid away from Uganda’s government, and instead over to human and civil rights groups if the country continues the extreme discrimination against homosexuality. 

For the full story, visit the ALLRIGHTSCPH  website or facebook page.

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