Every year Trip Advisor asks its readers to vote for the top 25 travel destinations. We will discuss the 2018 winners over the next few months. Every two weeks we will rate five of them by how LGBT friendly they are and by just how fabulous they are. And because you look to us for advice – a few tips to make your trip even better.

Please enjoy #11 through #15!

#11 Phuket, Thailand

Beautiful beaches, great food, friendly people, exceptional value – Phuket is a top tier LGBT destination. There is no shortage of LGBT friendly accommodations or bars and dance clubs. This is truly an international destination and a great place to meet LGBT people from around the world. GT tips: Make this one of three stops in Thailand along with Bangkok, and Chang Mai/Chang Rai in the North. Flying within Thailand is inexpensive and convenient, and you did not come all this way just to go to the beach!

#12 Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam lifted the ban on gay marriage in 2015 – but life for the Vietnamese LGBT community is not all roses. The old city is beautiful as is the surrounding countryside (we highly recommend doing at least one day enjoying the lush greenery). Hanoi is still a great value for both hotels and food. There are now a few nightclubs, and more are opening all the time. GT tips: Take a two night stay in Halong Bay – it is worth it. Check online for clubs and bars – they open and more importantly, close all the time. Consider combining Hanoi with a Mekong River Cruise – there are several all LGBT offered.

#13 Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and it will not disappoint you. Combine this UNESCO World Heritage Site with a huge choice of hotels (simple to sensational), great restaurants, and an LGBT scene – we really cannot recommend Siem Reap enough. GT Tips: Either go gay – an all gay hotel – or splurge on a five-star hotel at unbelievable prices. There are several LGBT exclusive Mekong cruises that start or stop in Siem Reap. And take a day or two to enjoy Phnom Penh – worth the detour.

#14 Jamaica

Spectacular beaches and lush mountains and an extremely difficult place to be LGBT. Extremely difficult. We will never say “Don’t go” but if you do, you need to be extremely careful. GT tips: If you go contact your hotel or cruise line and ask them “Am I welcome – yes or no?” And check out the J-Flag page on Facebook for any events or up to date information.

#15 Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We love “Playa” for many reasons. It is easy to get to via the Cancun Airport. There is a huge selection of hotels and apartments to fit any budget. The beaches are gorgeous. The food is fresh and a great value whether you spend $5 or $50. The gay scene here is limited – but fun. GT tips: Go with a group of friends. GET OUT!!! – Tulum, Coba, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, Cozumel for the day, and yes even Chichen Itza which can be badly overcrowded but worth seeing.  

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