Every year Trip Advisor asks its readers to vote for the top 25 travel destinations. We will discuss the 2018 winners over the next few months. Every two weeks we will rate five of them by how LGBT friendly they are and by just how fabulous they are. And because you look to us for advice – a few tips to make your trip even better.

Please enjoy #16 through #20!

# 16 Lisbon, Portugal

One of our favorite places for so many reasons: the food, the sea, the mountains, the people at such affordable prices! And Portugal legalized gay marriage in 2010 – well before many other countries. What is there not to like? GT Tips: Too many to even list. Go when it is not hot. Spend time in Lisbon and then discover the Estoril including Cascais and Sintra. A day of walking in what Lord Byron described as “Glorious Sintra” followed by a seaside dinner in Cascais – what could be better?

#17 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

So – does all of the tourist stuff make up for the fact that sexual relations outside a heterosexual marriage are illegal and the punishment includes jail time, floggings, torture, and death? GT Tips: Do your research and if you do go, be extremely careful – extremely careful.

# 18 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is now on the bucket lists of so many LGBT people. Homosexuality is not criminalized but society still does not look favorably on the LGBT community - on the other hand, they invented sushi! GT Tips: Go now and enjoy Tokyo – but take some side tips to the gorgeous countryside. The Tohoku region in eastern Japan just is launched an initiative in the hopes of drawing LGBT tourists.

# 19 Kathmandu, Nepal

We can all thank Nepal for being a leader in Asia on LGBT rights. Openly spending our money and time there can only help. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in Nepal are the most progressive in Asia and if not the world. GT Tips: Don’t do this trip on your own. Research an LGBT tour operator in Nepal. It helps them, and it helps the local LGBT community and you will get so much more out of it.

#20 Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong will always be a top draw due to its vibrant food and shopping scene and some of the best hotels in the world. Hong Kong embraces diversity including LGBT. More than seven million people live here, and the city is a beehive of activity both day and night. On a clear day take the tram to The Peak and enjoy the stunning view and a harbor cruise is a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle – then eat and shop some more! Although now part of China, Hong Kong still has some of the best gay nightlife in Asia.  It's one of the top destinations to visit for travelers who have never been to Asia as it's more tourist-friendly, easy-to-explore with tons of fun things to do, it is more expensive than most cities in China but still affordable with good service quality. GT Tips: Go for Gay Pride in November – small compared to many – but worth the experience.

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