Every year Trip Advisor asks its readers to vote for the top 25 travel destinations. We will discuss the 2018 winners over the next few months. Every two weeks we will rate five of them by how LGBT friendly they are and by just how fabulous they are. And because you look to us for advice – a few tips to make your trip even better.

Please enjoy #21 through #25!

#21 Hurghada, Egypt

Whether it is Cairo, Luxor or Hurghada – this is NOT the time to go to Egypt if you are LGBT. One Google search on “Egypt + LGBT” will bring up the harsh reality of our community in Egypt for our community. GT Tip: Wait! do not go now.

#22 New Delhi, India

This is a city that I will never forget for both good and bad reasons. It is a fantastic combination of ancient, old, and new. First of all, as a vegetarian the food was amazing and of course at incredibly reasonable prices. The flavors are stunning as is the presentation and there is just something about sopping it all up with crispy, hot naan just out of the oven. Of course, everything here is a great value including fabulous five-star hotels. Shopping can be a challenge since the choices are overwhelming, but if you have patience and a sense of adventure you will not be disappointed. GT Tips: If you are going to India you are probably not just going to New Delhi so consider an LGBT tour company based in India to plan your entire trip. Be patient – India is overwhelming – if you go with the right mindset you will thoroughly enjoy your time here.

# 23 Cusco, Peru

This amazing ancient city is on most everyone’s “bucket” list and for very good reasons. Cusco is unlike most cities you will ever visit; it’s vibrant and energized every night of the week. Shopping, eating, and nightlife are endless – but remember to stay hydrated and breath – located at more than 11,000 feet – you are twice as high as Denver. Machu Picchu is why you probably chose to come to Cusco and it will not disappoint you. On peak days nearly 2500 people will visit but despite this, the site manages to retain its grandeur and mystery. Cusco is also the gateway for the nearby Sacred Valley. GT Tips: Consider taking an organized LGBT trip to Peru. They are a great value and allow you to experience Peru with people that will become lifelong friends. We highly recommend visiting the Amazon Rainforest while you are here. It is like no other place on earth and if you are this close – splurge!

#24 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Go Go Go! that is all I can say. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most exciting, vibrant places on earth. I have never met anyone who did not love this city of more than six million people. Copacabana and Ipanema beaches both have a gay section and just the people watching here makes your trip worthwhile.  Brazilian food is unique and if you are not a vegetarian, feijoada is a must. This bean based “stew” is like no other. The nightlife is extensive, and you will want to do your research to choose what is best for you. GT Tips: For a splurge, go for Carnival, a once in a lifetime experience that is worth the price. Since you are so far south, consider a trip to Iguazu Falls which is less than two hours away by plane and roundtrip prices starting at under $150. Iguazu is one of the most magnificent natural sites in the world – you will not be disappointed.

# 25 Sydney, Australia

Last, but absolutely not least, is Sydney – one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the world. Mardi Gras started as a protest March in 1978 and this year celebrated its 40th anniversary with more than 300,000 spectators and 12,000 participants. Sydney has been working on LGBT tourism since 1992 when Industry Legend Lynne Hocking decided it was time to promote Australia as one of the world’s premier destinations and 26 years later her hard work has made Sydney a top tier LGBT city. Oh yes and they have an Opera House, spectacular Royal Botanical Gardens, and less than two hours away the stunning Blue Mountains. GT Tips: Combine Sydney with New Zealand, or Tasmania, or the wine country, or Ayers Rock, or ….. you are not going all this way for three days. Go for Mardi Gras – well worth it. And for planned city people – check out the Capital, Canberra.

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