Wolfgang Busch is an openly gay artistic activist in New York City since 1986, and works to improve the conditions for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) artists. He is using the DVD media as a tool to bring the spotlight to our community and use it for screenings with lectures at universities, cultural and educational institutions to educate the next generation about artistic empowerment and HIV/AIDS awareness. The proceeds from the film will go to the LGBT Community Center in New York City for artistic programs. Wolfgang explains that, this is part of building an artistic infrastructure for the LGBT artists, because of the exploitation and stereotyping of the gay community for decades.

Wolfgang has no formal arts education; everything he knows is hands on experience. His background is working as a DJ in Germany and New York City; he volunteered at the Local 802 in New York City, the largest Musicians Union in the country, producing seminars and show cases for the Rock R&B committee, managing 1200 members and became a club promoter and booking agent for legendary nightclubs the Limelight, Danceteria, Palladium and China Club. Wolfgang was a public access TV producer from 1990 until 2000 in Manhattan and received 2 grants for his "New York New Rock" TV show. He has over 600 rock bands on video archive and produced about 700 TV shows in 10 years. He was working with all the major record companies in New York and learned about the stereotyping and disrespect of the industry towards artists in general, which is quite the opposite of what his experience was in Germany.

  As part of a touring band, Wolfgang was treated like royalty and with respect. Coming to the US was quite a culture shock for him; instead of getting a job for an entertainment network, he decided to get involved in LGBT artistic and social groups and develop an artistic infrastructure to empower us artistically and financially. Wolfgang volunteered for the Gay, Lesbian American Music Awards, OutMusic, The Imperial Court of New York, The Harlem Drag Ball and Flagging Community, Gay Bowling and the Gay Games since 1989. He founded the only gay Ping Pong group in the U.S. in 2002 and hopes to be producing the ping pong tournament in 2014 for the Gay Games in Cleveland, OH. He also became a consultant for the Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields and also lectures at universities and not for profit organizations.

Wolfgang’s work reflects the gay community with the highest respect. Because of his vision and dedication in making a difference in people’s lives, he has received many awards and rewards from the LGBT community, including a Humanitarian Award for "How Do I Look" documentary and is featured in the "Award Winning Men" book.

Wolfgang makes historical contributions worldwide by recording the oral artistic history of the gay community and by documenting art forms that originated in the gay community for future generations to learn about and to enjoy and to keep our legacy alive. In addition, he creates an artistic infrastructure where artists teach, lecture and perform at cultural and educational institutions.

To get more of Wolfgang and his work, check out the "Flow Affair" screening which is part of the Gender Reel Festival on December 9th, 2011 in Philadelphia at the LGBT Community Center at 7PM. In the meantime, access his work online at www.ArtFromTheHeartnyc.org, www.HowDoILooknyc.org

And www.FlowAffair.org.

Favorite LGBT bar/club: “I live in Astoria, which has one bar I have not been to yet. I like to go to "Friends" a latino bar in Jackson Hights, and Dance 208 at the LGBT Center in New York City. I am much less of a bar person now”.

Favorite thing to do: “Walks in the park, restaurants, street fairs, swimming and play Ping Pong every Thursday”.

Insider’s tip: “Astoria in Queens has low rents and is culturally very diverse, which I love”.

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