Just a few short weeks ago, Boy Butter Lubricants was singled out in a very public way on Sirius/XM Satellite radio's Opie and Anthony Show. Boy Butter is a product that was created for people's private lives, and has been a loyal and longtime sponsor for several shows on several channels for the better part of a year. However, a public shaming of Boy Butter was broadcast throughout North America from Hawaii to the Big Apple and from Key West to the North Pole. The conversation about Boy Butter's sponsorship for the Sirius show was mostly Opie and Anthony complaining that they wanted the product off of their list of sponsors in exchange for a more apt beer commercial. This product is no different than any of the other products advertised on their program, aside from its LGBT connotations- the only thing that distinguishes the sponsors is that Boy Butter is presumably “too gay” for them. Opie and Anthony proceeded to spend an entire segment bashing Boy Butter, using an effeminate voice to deride and insult the very product which was helping pay for that very segment. 

Read the full story and hear the disgraceful segment first hand, check out the Boy Butter blog! 

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