HELP! Our Gay Travel expert Carlos Melia needs some Buenos Aires guidance- the rumors from his friends, locals, and experts living in Buenos Aires is that the gay night scene here has completely vanished. Some blame it on online dating sites, and others blame it on the global economic crisis. Carlos personally blames it on the fact that Argentina has become so friendly and open, which in some ways grants the freedom for the LGBT community to be anywhere, regardless if you are gay, lesbian, straight. With that said, Carlos hopes to pose the question of where to find gay nightlife in Buenos Aires to those that have more information and can help tourists find a way to enjoy the city in a better way, mingle with locals, and have fun. Carlos is personally keeping an eye on the soon to be opened Beyond 5411, the first Martini Gay Club to open in the neighborhood of Recoleta in mid May 2012. Do you have any insights into where the gays go in Buenos Aires? Leave a comment to help our Carlos out!!

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