As we sail into Miami Beach Gay Pride April 2 - 8, is proud to be onboard with Celebrity Cruise’s ongoing commitment to Pride and the LGBTQ community!

Celebrity Cruises is one of our favorite cruise lines.  Once again, they are the presenting sponsor of this year’s Pride.  In 2017, they won “Best Float” and Celebrity Cruises was also a “Gay Travel Awards Cruise Line of the Year” nominee.

Amidst a sea of cruise lines, Celebrity stands proud!  

At, our 20 years of experience has shown that while all-gay cruise charters are certainly popular with a small percentage of the LGBTQ community, most LGBTQ travelers prefer to sail on a ship with a diverse and inclusive crew and guests.   And that is what you get on Celebrity – friends, family and people from different backgrounds and nationalities are all welcome onboard.  That is the culture that Celebrity fosters and celebrates. 

Miami is where the company is headquartered and many of the Celebrity employees live in the surrounding areas -  thus affording them the opportunity to show their support during this week-long celebration. 

Celebrity Cruises not only “talks the talk”...they “walk the walk.”  When Grant Van Ulbrich’s position as the first openly gay Director of Diversity and Inclusion at a major cruise line was first announced, we took note!  Anyone who knows Grant and his tireless efforts to bring us all together in the true spirit of inclusion can see why he was chosen for this role.

Nate Berkus is the brand’s design ambassador.  One of the reasons Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Celebrity's CEO hired him is because he represents a community that Celebrity cares about. Lutoff-Perlo said they didn't choose Berkus "just because his design credentials are superb. It was also because he represents a community that we care about. He was aligned with our values." Like Van Ulbrich, Berkus is openly gay.

At we believe that travel is fatal to prejudice. Pride is a time to be proud, but also to travel with friends family and loved ones.  So why not #GetOnBoard and head to Miami Beach?  The festivities run all week long!

Stay tuned as things heat up in Miami.   #GetOnBoard #GayTravel

Miami Beach Gay Pride 2017 from DmitryZhitov on Vimeo.

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