Amy Malech of the GayTravel team scored free tix to the Britney Spears concert last week in San Diego. Britney never ceases to amaze with her showomanship. The tour is circus-themed with Britney as the ring master. With raging gays and fag hags roaring “I’m a Womanizer” this show is Spears-tastic!The stage is set like a three ring circus, with the main spectacle in the middle and two stages on the side. The design was also interesting because the way the curtains were set up made it look like you were looking into the stage from the top of a circus tent. Kristinia DeBarge opened the scene and dazzled the audience with Goodbye, and her performance didn’t leave you saying, “I’m so over it.” Jordin Sparks was a crowd pleaser with her American Idol voice, uttering from her beautiful lips No Air. Then came the suspense; everyone was waiting for the Queen. The Big Apple Circus riled up the crowd with every circus trick in the book: clowns, acrobats, a legless trampoline expert, and a girl hula hoop-ing 20 hoops at once!The Pop Star had a video introduction with different shots of fans claiming “I AM THE QUEEN” (Including one drag queen!). The singer made her grand entrance by being lowered from the ceiling. Britney moved throughout the stage like a lioness showing impressive acrobatics like dancing on moving tricycles and performing in a lion’s cage. And she was no barking seal, singing new favorites like “If You Seek Amy,” and oldies like “Oops, I Did it Again.” The show was a true spectacle, and one that won’t soon be forgotten. Britney fans beware, because a show by this diva will leave you screaming, “Gimme Gimme More!” View More Event Spotlight Articles

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