Okay, so there is nothing quite as gay as the theatre.  And that’s precisely why we have composed a list of extraordinary official Broadway tours that are guaranteed to, as The Rocky Horror Picture Show says, “thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you”—not to mention tickle your funny bone (No pun intended.  Alright, so the pun was TOTALLY intended.) 
So, if you find yourself in need of a little musical fix, be sure to check out these top ten shows coming to a city near you in 2017!

Hamilton: An American Musical

It’s no surprise that at the top of our list sits the reigning king (Or president?) of musicals, none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway smash hit Hamilton.  Taking the Off-Broadway district by storm in 2015, Hamilton—a musical centered on the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton—quickly rose to fame after a triumphant streak of theatrical sellouts, which catapulted it straight onto the glitzy margins of Broadway within just six months after its public debut.

Since blowing the epicenter of theatre out of the water in August 2015, Hamilton has rightfully become one of the most decorated shows in Broadway history, winning the 2016 Gay Travel Awards, 11 Tony awards, a Grammy, and the much-envied Pulitzer Prize just to name a few.  And while tickets for the NYC show can cost a pretty penny, there are plenty of other opportunities to get in on the red, white, and blue action!  Ladies and gays, we are proud to announce the 2017/2018 Hamilton tour!

If you are interested in experiencing the phenomenon, you can find out more information about the tour and where it’s headed by clicking the link on the next page.

Something Rotten

Okay, so if you made it this far, it’s safe to bet that—if not a musical enthusiast—you are at least entranced by this beloved all-American art form.  And what better way is there to experience the genre than by seeing a show all about how it came to fruition (Well, sort of . . .)?  If you can’t muster an answer, look no further; John O’Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick’s Something Rotten is the thing for you!

The story follows the Bottom brothers, a Renaissance era playwriting duo, who are aspiring to outdo England’s most treasured celebrity, William Shakespeare.  After realizing that their past efforts have been nothing more than in-vain attempts, Nick Bottom seeks out the mystical help of a seer to aid him in his goal of surpassing Shakespeare’s talent; however, things don’t necessarily go according to plan.

Starring Rent’s Adam Pascal, this award-winning show, packed with a plethora of literary and theatrical allusions—not to mention a bout of homoerotic hilarity (The Bottom brothers? I mean, come ON!)—this award-winning fictional history of the musical is certain to make you craph (You know, laugh so hard you cry.). 

With the official Broadway run having closed on January 1st, the tour—which kicked off in Boston—is now a go!  

The Color Purple

Who hasn’t heard of The Color Purple?  If you raised your hand, shame on you! 

Transcending every art form imaginable (first a book, then a film, then a Broadway sensation), Alice Walker’s masterpiece has been inspiring generations through her storytelling magic for decades. 

Translated for the stage by Marsha Norman, Stephen Bray, Brenda Russell, and Allee Willis, the show—set in the 1909-1920s deep south—highlights the life and woes of Celie, a young African American woman who has been severely oppressed by her father and husband.  But while Celie’s first few chapters are ones of exceeding hardship and struggle, her life changes forever when she encounters the strong-willed Sophia and the mysteriously independent Shug Avery, who inspire her to embrace and utilize the inner strength she never knew she possessed.

Ending its Broadway revival earlier this year with Dream Girls’ Jennifer Holiday, The Color Purple will be hitting the road for its fourth national tour in Fall 2017.  So, if you’re a fan of gospel-style music and stories of strong, empowering females and the special bonds of womanhood, you’re in for a hair-raising treat with this timeless wonder! 

Keep an eye out for tour updates by visiting the show’s official website.

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