Today we're excited to relax in the sun on Marriott's private beach,
swim in the crystal blue sea, and possibly snorkel. First things first
though, a quick trip to the gym, visiting Rudsel at the Portofino for
breakfast, and then back to the room to equip ourselves with a little
hair of the dog. After Lacey and I each had a tropical beverage in
hand, we grabbed our towels, walked a whole 5 feet to the beach, and
set up camp for the day!

The sun was warm, the sky was blue, and the view was absolutely
breathtaking, so Lacey and I took our time working on our tans and
jumped on every opportunity to play in the waves whenever we needed a
cool down. In between our periodic naps in the sun, our adult ADHD
would kick in and we'd set off to explore the beach and swim in the
variety beach spots on the resort. During one of our strolls we came
across The Board Room beach bar! This little tiki hut bar had swings
in place of stools and is located on a small peninsula on the resort
with GREAT views and a semi-private beach. Lacey and I, always a
sucker for a good swing, grabbed ourselves a seat and ordered a
tropical beverage. We spent the rest of the afternoon swinging the day
away with cocktails in hand.

For dinner we headed to one of the many restaurants on the resort, the
Emerald Lounge. The cuisine and cocktails were fabulous and the
ambiance of the lounge was much like an upscale sports bar back in the
states, with a perfect mix of flat screen televisions, comfortable
seating, and a menu filled with burgers, pizza, and sandwiches. The
lounge also offered outdoor seating which faced the water and provided
fantastic views. Lacey and I toasted, enjoyed our food, watched the
sun sink into the Caribbean Sea, and toasted to a wonderful second day
in Curaçao.


Audra and Lacey

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