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Hey do you have your bikini on? Do you want to take it off and leap into the swimming pool where you can languish in the desire and fun reverberating from every water jet and every human female also in the pool? Do you enjoy not just one beer, but 15 beers? Do you like dance music? Dancing? COMEDY?!

Or — Are you a socially awkward weirdo who generally prefers vacations which involve historical re-enactment villages or modern art museums and usually needs a xanax to do anything besides sit at home and typity-type-type into your computer screen?

Well either way there is a home for you at Dinah Shore, even for the weirdos, because we’re weirdos, AND WE’RE GOING. You guys, the weather:

Basically there are two situations happening simultaneously during Dinah Shore Weekend — there’sClub Skirts and there’s GirlBar — two pools, two sets of parties, etc. Most people buy an all-access pass to one or the other but party-hopping is always possible if you want to buy individual event tickets. It’s too late to buy tickets online but you can pick them up on site at Girlbar or at Club Skirts.

Last year we did a little bit of both but mostly Club Skirts. This year we’ll be holding down Autostraddle HQ at Girlbar in some kind of special lounge situation, which my or may not look like this:

This year Team Auto will be represented by Riese, Laneia, Julie Goldman, Brandy Howard, Jess R., Alex Vega, Sarah Jesus Christ Palmface, Rachel Killer K and Haviland “Rising Star” Stillwell.

We’ll be live blogging/photographing/video-ing our Dinah adventures starting this Thursday night until Sunday and it will be super entertaining.

So on with it…


Let’s start with the GirlBar events:


- Wednesday -

Meet n Greet Cocktail Party

at The Hyatt Lounge & Pool Deck from 8pm-11pm



- Thursday -

Welcome Party

at Hunters Nightclub, from 8pm-2am

Funny Girlz 6 – Comedy Show

at Hotel Zoso, doors at 7:30pm, show at 8:30pm

hosted by Stamie K and Tracy Ryerson of your favorite show of all time, The Real L Word!

featuring JULIE GOLDMAN, the funniest lesbian in the entire world!

Along with Liz Feldman and Erin Foley!


- Friday -

TGIF Pool Party

at The Hyatt Pool Deck starting at noon til 5pm

Girl Bar Dancers vs. Truck Stop Girls all day long!


You may recognize these girls from your other favorite TV show, Gimme Sugar!

Look! It’s just like The L Word:

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