Ever dream of jetting off to a mystical locale only to wake-up to headache of having to painstakingly plan each and every detail of the trip? Or, to the worry about whether or not you’d be able to meet other LGBT travelers? Well, your dream can come true easily when you sign-up for one of Hermes Tours unique guided vacations of discovery. Hermes Tours puts you in touch with like-minded LGBT travelers who also share your penchant for exploring the world. And, what’s more, Hermes Tours plans all of the trip details and assembles a cohesive group!Hermes Tours is currently offering several amazing trips and we have highlighted two of them for you below. Guests on the “Russian Tsars” and “Irish Wonderlands” trips will enjoy a full roster of tours and activities as part of their trip cost. It all makes for the most authentic experience, for far less than you would pay other gay and lesbian travel companies.Russian TsarsYou might be surprised by the elegance of Russia. St. Basil’s Cathedral lords over Red Square like a glittering multi-colored confection. Gilded corridors of the Hermitage play host to breathtaking art. Even Moscow’s metro brims with the ornate. Join Hermes on a luxurious journey and you’ll unravel what Churchill called a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” as you sample cultural delicacies, explore fortresses once forbidden to visitors, and meet a people who eagerly look to the future…Irish WonderlandsThose who work the land of Eire might tell you that the land dances. Gentle breezes set grasses swaying across the countryside. In your small Hermes group, you’ll take a journey on a castle-dotted route to experience Ireland’s many shades – cultural, historic, and natural. From Dublin to Killarney and along the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, you’ll discover that Celtic legends loom large here. Finally, for the Irish Wonderlands trip, roundtrip airfare is currently an unbeatable $500!Space for both these trips is limited so…book now!

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