With LGBT Pride traditionally celebrated throughout the United States every June, we expect our business allies to playfully tease us with ads that target our community. However, Axel Hotels is one European-based LGBT hotel chain that wants us to remember this is the time of year to be ‘heterofriendly.’

A new music video ad from Axel Hotels features a handsome boyband singing and dancing from the entrance of one Barcelona accommodation to some of our most favorite hangouts, including the gym, the pool, and a dance club.

The ad mixes a pop culture dance beat with humorous lyrics to raise awareness for acceptance of all people, gay or straight.

“Every time the world is more gay / You are naive if you don’t know how to dress correct,” the choir echos, “Break walls, fight for the straight rights. Be heterofriendly.”

Juan Juliá, founder and president of Axel Hotels, said, “We wanted to blink an eye at society when facing the struggle for true normalization of the LGBT community, we wanted them to step in our shoes for a moment.”

With accommodations also in Berlin and Maspalomas, Axel Hotels offers the LGBT community an enjoyable escape with year-round events tailored to fit, and they do not discriminate based on sexual orientation. They even leave the light on for heterosexuals! At Axel Hotels, everyone is welcome.

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