For almost three decades, Mariah Hanson has paved the way for lesbian party-goers around the world. What began as a golf tournament in Palm Springs has turned into the infamous Dinah Shore Weekend- and Hanson is the woman responsible for creating the one and only “Lesbian Spring Break”. Hanson owns Club Skirts where Dinah Shore Weekend is held every year in Palm Springs, and since she founded this gathering Hanson has developed a top of the line reputation for entertaining lesbians from around the world. This five-day extravaganza includes pool parties, incredible music acts, and over 10,000 women all in one place at one time. In anticipation of this year’s Dinah Shore Weekend, got the inside scoop on how Hanson works her magic.

SN: How is Club Skirts different from other entities of its type?

MH: I think typically what sets us apart is a commitment to the highest quality of entertainment of all levels and the fact that I've been throwing professional parties for over 27 years now so I've actually gotten kinda good at it ... practice makes perfect.

SN: What resources and opportunities does Club Skirts provide the gay community?

MH: We provide the opportunity to have the time of one's life. We leave the resourcefulness up to our customers ... ;)

SN: What is unique about this year’s Dinah Shore Weekend event that sets it apart from past events?

MH: We've included a celebrity poker tournament that has been very well received. 100% of proceeds benefit HRC. We've also added a film festival and a Sunday concert. We're always changing and reinventing. Ya gotta keep it fresh and also respond to a broad based clientele, no pun intended.

SN: What goes in to choosing the entertainment lineup for Dinah?

MH: A lot of thought. Actually I have a secret booking formula ... and I'm keeping it that way.

SN: How does being in Palm Springs influence the atmosphere of Dinah? What is unique about Palm Springs as the site for this legendary event?

MH: You can not beat Palm Springs.  The weather is fantastic and the city is so gay friendly. In fact, at this points it’s just so gay.

SN: What do you most look forward to about this year’s Dinah?

MH: Karmin and the poker tournament! Oh and Uh Huh Her. Plus comedy. And the film festival. Then there's Havana Brown and The White Party. Okay,  ....... everything!

For more information on Dinah Shore weekend and Club Skirts, check out the official website!

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