Want quick spots to explore in New Orleans but don’t want to take a major beating on your wallet or purse? I have the insiders guide to the best tours and restaurants that are affordable and plenty of fun if you plan on visiting this HOT southern city.There are lots of different locations around New Orleans that you could explore on your own, but if you want to know the history of this highly celebrated city, I would take one of the tours. New Orleans Tours is an excellent choice because of the wide range of different excursions they have to offer. From exploring the swamps, strolling through the cemeteries and voodoo temples, or just learning more about the city’s recovery and rebirth after Hurricane Katrina, there’s a tour for everyone to enjoy. Your guides are sure to make you feel the ambiance in each specialized tour.To find some of the best eats in New Orleans check out Jacques-Imos Creole restaurant. The Louisiana Creole cuisine was influenced by French, Spanish, Carribbean, Indian, African, and Mediterranean styles to create a delicious and unique cuisine. At Jacques-Imos, you’ll be sure to have the most authentic and original recipes at reasonable prices. The blackened redfish and barbecue shrimp are the local crowd-pleasers. If you’re a meat lover, I would head over to Mother’s, world’s best baked ham restaurant. Their prices are affordable and the meals are filling. If you’re planning on going here, make sure you try their mouth-watering black ham, which has a crisp, caramelized crust that is nothing short of amazingTo find out more about New Orleans and where to stay – CLICK HERE View More Gaycations Articles

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