Monowheel Vehicles

Although most of us choose to travel on two or four wheels, some inventors have been pushing for us to adopt a single-wheel vehicle since as far back as 1869 when the first monowheel appeared. Of course, with other forms of transport being safer, quieter, and easier to pilot, it doesn’t appear that the monowheel will be breaking into the mainstream anytime soon.

Ford Nucleon 

Ford's attempt at a nuclear powered car was far from practical and had many horrified by the idea of nuclear reactors flying at high speeds along the roads and what would happen if/when they were in an accident. Kaboom! 

Passenger Seat Fuel Tank 

In 1971, American inventor Kenneth E. Brock attempted to sell his idea of passenger seats that were fuel tanks to the airline industry. His idea was that aircrafts could carry a much greater deal of fuel if they used passenger seats to store it in. It's not difficult to see why this was a hard sell as many were petrified by the idea of sitting and being surrounded by explosive fuel tanks with nothing more than some tin and fabric cushion seperating them a fiery gruesome death. 

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