By George W. Zander

"It will be a few weeks yet until our desert summer hits in full force, however, it’s never too late to plan ahead for certain amazing cool spots to visit. There’s a truly unique spot in southern Oregon that needs to be on your short list of fabulous travel experiences.

Ever since 1835, when some surprised prospectors stumbled upon this blue lake and spread the secret the Native Americans knew for centuries, this spot has been portrayed by artists, musicians and poets as a stunning sight. In fact, this is a National Park with one thing to do – be transfixed by the lake.

Whether you make this trip a single destination or a multiple destination road trip depends on your time and energy. Both the Medford and Klamath Falls areas offer many possibilities for an eclectic vacation of exploration. But plan ahead – especially if you’d like to sleep at Crater Lake Lodge during summer high season. Plan now!!..."

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