We all know the things that we should never do on a plane, but what about the things you should never touch? While air travel is a relatively sanitary experience, these are the things you should avoid if you’re squeamish, want to avoid a cold, or find yourself flying without your hand sanitizer.
1. Drink the Water
Because even flight attendants don’t know how often the plane’s water tanks are cleaned. One flight attendant told Business Insider: “Flight attendants will not drink hot water on the plane. They will not drink plain coffee, and they will not drink plain tea.” And tests run in 2013 found that 12% of the 500 planes randomly sampled had coliform bacteria in their water tanks. “A high percentage,” said Bill Honker, deputy director of the Water Quality Protection Division, EPA Region 6, in Dallas. While the EPA now requires airlines to test water tanks for bacteria every year, those tests don’t include the hoses some of which have been described using the words “slimy residue.” When in the cabin you’re probably better off sticking to anything in a can.

2. Touch The Floor
 When it comes to bare feet, it’s best to pretend the floor is lava. Why? Because while planes are cleared between flights, the floors are rarely cleaned. “Close to never” is probably more precise. And even when passengers are sick or have accidents, spot cleaning is the best treatment available between flights. This advice goes double for the bathrooms.

3. Touch The Tray Table
Despite the fact that people eat, sleep, store their used tissues and sometimes change their babies’ diapers on them, they rarely ever get cleaned. Which is probably why a recent study found them to be the germiest spots on planes and in airplanes. Yes, that means they’re gross, which actually get cleaned. Our advice? Bring sanitizing wipes, or learn to eat very carefully.

4. Eat Your Main Course
 Gordon Ramsay recently made headlines when he told Refinery29 “There’s no fucking way I eat on planes. I worked for airlines for ten years, so I know where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board.” And besides, say flight attendants, even well-handled airplane food is bad for you. When you’re flying at elevation, your taste buds go numb, so chefs add more salt and sugar to meals to make them taste a little less bland. But the added flavor can leave you feeling dehydrated or bloated during the flight. One way to compensate is to skip the main course if you can. Stick to snacks, sides or anything pre-packaged. Or, better yet, bring your own energy bar, nuts or cheese cubes which might keep you going until you land.

5. Touch Your In-Flight Entertainment System
At least without a little hand sanitizer on hand. They’re definitely not disinfected between flights, and you never know who had a cold on the flight before you. Disinfect it first, and you could save your vacation from your next cold.

*Bonus* Dig In The Seat Back Compartment
We’ll just leave this summary of a study here: “Drexel Medicine noted the seat back pockets can contain rather unpleasant items, including vomit and nail trimmings, while tray tables have been used for everything from changing nappies to hiding chewing gum.” No thank you.

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