By George's Travel Club of Guatemala

June is Gay Pride Month – even here in Guatemala! For our LGBT Guatemala Travel visitors take note of the following Gay Pride Parades!

The Guatemala City Gay Pride Parade/March will be held Saturday, June 30th. The parade will start at 2pm. For those interested in marching, you should be at Guatemala’s City Hall – in front of the Municipality Building around 1:30pm. This will be the 12th Gay Pride Parade for Guatemala City!

The Quetzaltenango (Xela) Gay Pride Parade/March will be held tomorrow (Saturday, June 16th). It will start at 4pm at Plaza Japón and continue to the Parque Centroamérica downtown.  This will be only the 2nd Gay Pride Parade for Quetzaltenango/Xela!

Both of these parades are festive events, but they also support the very important fight for Gay Rights in Guatemala for the country’s evolving LGBT Community. Each year more Gay Rights Associations and Organizations join the parade –and a record-breaking amount of floats, marchers and spectators are also expected this year! For more Guatemala Gay Pride Parade information visit

Love is a many-splendored thing, as they say – and so is diversity, be it about language, culture or how one loves. With such a diverse country as Guatemala - there are 23 different languages spoken in this small country – it seems particularly appropriate that the people of Guatemala would and should embrace/include yet another diverse addition to its rich heritage – the evolving Guatemalan LGBT Community.

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