By Bryan Kosarek

Amazingly unique experiences surround us every day, especially when traveling to a new city. The opportunity to meet someone you’ve dreamed of meeting, or a once in a lifetime experience, is potentially within arms reach or just a few phone calls away. The other day I was brainstorming and asked myself “what unique opportunities are out there that, if I invested a little time and reached out to a few people, could I make happen to share with site visitors?” I’m a dreamer, so naturally my mind went to the most far fetched ideas!

When it comes to traveling, I’m all about authentic, genuine experiences. I like interacting with the people that make a city what it is and seeking out the once in a life time experiences. Usually what ends up happening is the most interesting things happen in between!  As the Gay Travel Guru, my official duties are to share with you fresh and interesting things to do while traveling to a city - whether they’re for an upcoming trip of or simply a trip you’re dreaming of taking one day.  And that’s when it hit me...

As a collective group, I consider our community pretty well connected. After all, we do have the gay mafia and the gay underground railroad (shhh...don’t tell the straight people these don’t actually exist and that Elton John really isn’t the gay mafia godfather.) We’re a community of dreamers, doers, helpers, and networkers. That’s when I decided I wanted this journey to be a reflection of who, and what, we are as a community and the Gay Travel Guru’s Wish List was started.

Starting with my first trip to New York City in three weeks, visitors will have an opportunity to submit their most far fetched ideas of experiences they’d like to see or people they’d like to “meet.” For each city, I’ll chose one or two wishes and set out on the journey to make these wishes a reality. What I’ll document, and share, along the way are the new experiences I come across, interesting places that are introduced to me, people that made the journey a little more interesting, and ultimately the success (or failure) of The Gay Travel Guru's Wish List.

By combining the network, the connections within the LGBT community, social media, and my unwavering determination to accomplish a goal I set out to achieve, I have no doubt this journey will be anything short of interesting! I ask you to DREAM BIG with me and help create The Gay Travel Guru's Wish List.

Consider this my invitation for you to submit your wishes for The Gay Travel Guru's Wish List. Below are the cities has set for the Guru to visit. If there's a place or an experience you've always dreamed of seeing, or a person in a city you'd like to "meet", please email your Wish List items to [email protected] No idea is too far fetched and the bigger the idea the better. Let's see what we can make happen!

Places the Gay Travel Guru Will Be Visiting
New York City
Sonoma + Napa Valley
Key West

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