First full day of our honeymoon at Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort and
Emerald Casino! We started our day off with a quick visit to the
fitness center, knowing full well the rest of the day would consist of
cocktails at the swim-up bar and sampling the many restaurants housed
on the resort, so it was important to us we that we start off on the
right foot. After a couple sets in the gym, we relaxed in the steam
room and discussed our game plan for the day.

First, we indulged in the breakfast buffet at the Portofino
restaurant. We were greeted by several friendly wait staff, one in
particular, our new friend Rudsel, who took great care of us and was
happy to answer any questions that we had about the resort. The food
was FANTASTIC! Exotic fruits, an omelette and waffle station, freshly
brewed coffee, and everything in between! The Portofino offered
elegant indoor and outdoor seating, which we plan on taking advantage
of one of these mornings to catch a Curacao sunrise while enjoying a
cup of coffee. :) The environment was inviting, romantic, and very

After breakfast we headed to the room to get our suits on for the day!
The sun was already blazing, chairs were starting to fill with sun
bathers, and every so often we'd hear the sound of an ecstatic child
(or over indulgent adult) cannon ball into the pool. Lacey and I were
excited to partake in the festivities and feel the sun on our pale,
Ohio skin! We eased our way into the pool and planted ourselves on a
stool at the Seabreeze pool bar, unaware that the longer we sat there,
the closer we came to those adult cannon ballers from earlier.

Lacey and I quickly made friends with the welcoming Seabreeze staff,
as well as the many guests who were partaking in cocktails and
watching the NCAA March Madness playoff games shown on the many flat
screen TVs around the bar. Lacey and I, not normally sports
enthusiasts, took on the mantra 'When in Rome' and bellied up to the
bar to cheer on OSU and then IU to victory against whomever they
happened to be playing. After one too many Mudslides, Blue Lagoons,
and Curaçao Sunsets, we pulled ourselves away from the swim up bar and
headed back to our room for a mid-day siesta.

After we awoke from our refreshing nap, we got all dolled up and
headed back to the Seabreeze (old habits die hard) for an amazing
dinner under the stars on their beautiful beach boardwalk. We started
off with an ever so perfect appetizer of coconut shrimp, followed by
two PERFECT chicken caesar salads to die for! As if the sound of the
waves bouncing off nearby rocks and the star filled sky wasn't enough,
the ambiance was perfected by tiki torches that offered just the right
amount of mood lighting. Perfect for a little romance under the stars!

After our first fun filled day in the sun, we were eager to get back
to the room. Upon entry to our room we were pleasantly greeted by an
ice bucket equipped with a chilled bottle of champagne and two
champagne flutes. We poured each other a glass, sat out under the
stars on the beach, and toasted to our nuptials and a perfect first
day at Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort and Emerald Casino.


Audra and Lacey

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