São Paulo is the kind of city that locals love to hate;  like any metropolis in the world, you’ll want to scream during rush hour, complain about the crowds (the population is a little over 11 million), whine about the parking prices and cost of living. However, once you take a deep breath and remind yourself you’re in the eigth largest city in the world, you’ll certainly find its silver lining.

You’ll grow to love the glow of the city when it’s sunny outside and also its poetic gloom on rainy days; you’ll learn that the outdoor tables, no matter how gritty, are the most privileged spots at bars and restaurants; you’ll be surprised with how culturally diverse this city is; and you’ll become addicted to the unstoppable activities day and night. I might be biased, considering I’ve lived here all my life, but I think you’ll agree with me after visiting my humble recommendations below. You’ll notice that the titles are in Portuguese, so you’ll be vaguely familiar with our language when you get here

So now the question is: why place São Paulo in the Queer Girl City Guide? I could go on forever, but here are a few reasons:

+ We’ve been voted the city with the biggest Pride by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006, so you’ll have no problem finding the queer crowd during your stay.
+ Same-sex marriage became legal in Sao Paulo in December, 2012 (so you might want to pack a u-haul instead of your ol’ carry-on baggage).
+ Every queer girl will find something to do in this city; clubs, bars, bookstores, cafes, parks, protests… you name it! We have all that and more – and probably 24/7.

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