For those gay and lesbian couples living in states that are still fighting the equality battle, why not take a trip to New York City and have an exhilarating and budget friendly wedding ceremony in Central Park or similar iconic New York City site. Then celebrate your marriage by enjoying the sights, sounds, and great cultural and entertainment opportunities New York City has to offer. See some theater, go to a concert, museums, restaurants, shop and then go home with your rights secured.

Since the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and the Attorney General is pro-actively extending marriage equality federally for same sex "married" couples, it now behooves many LGBT couples around the USA to get married.  If your state is still fighting the battles of the 20th century and stubbornly rejecting the benefits of marrying same sex couples that is the states loss in both revenue and human decency. For LGBT couples who are looking for the best way to celebrate their unique connection look no further than this New York marriage guru. 

“I wish to reach out to LGBT couples around the USA and world to come to New York City get WED in NYC and bring equality home with them. Become a fact on the ground in your home state.” says Stephen David Dym, CEO and creator of WED in NYC.

Stephen David Dym, a wedding officiant based in New York City, offers an enlightened and personal touch to getting married. He loves bringing together the skills he has acquired over a lifetime of study and practice to make your wedding even more special than you could ever imagine.  Stephen is a professional actor, has appeared in many films, TV and theatrical productions, and he is also a specialist in the science of communication, and transpersonal psychology.  He thrives on meeting people from all over the world, sharing his city, hearing their stories and shining a clear and noble light on the poetry that gives meaning to and shapes our lives. By tapping into the authentic narratives that inform our emotions he unveils the inner sentiments that give our lives a sense of the artistic and beautiful, and he sets all this in the iconic features that the incredible city of New York has to offer.

Stephen David Dym is a native New Yorker, born in the Bronx, identifies as a wedding officiant but for added value he can easily double as a wedding planner, sightseeing specialist, travel advisor, local contact, and potential lifelong friend. Stephen’s experience and training as a professional actor and arts’ therapist only adds to the intimacy he is able to access.  A licensed New York City sight-seeing tour guide he functions as a truly unique local guide to off-the-beaten-path New York, but also applies his knowledge of NYC arts and LGBT community to his work. 

“I love sharing my home town with visitors and showing them the intimate nature of the city itself.”

Stephen David Dym manifests the true power and significance of a wedding experience.  He constructs rituals to honor the people who come to him to get married that are unique, memorable, and truly one of a kind.

Now, let me tell you about his process. He will send you an outline of your ceremony; the outline supports a structure for you to insert various “pieces”; readings, songs, poems, meditations, etc. The content of the ceremony is your content and tells your story as it shines a light on your particular life together. He encourages you and your partner to write your own “vows” which he prefers to call “affirmations of commitment”. He can help with choices and suggestions and he will fill in the gaps with interstitial connections and segues. By using this outline he guarantees that it will become your unique ceremony.  As a theater professional, Stephen uses his craft to create a relaxed, fun, and ultimately moving moment-in- time for you and your guests. He says,

“Your wedding is already an extra-ordinary event. I will just put a frame around it for all of us to share and experience its significance as we celebrate your relationship.”

Stephen David Dym also attended an Interfaith Seminary, and is an Interfaith Minister. He bears the title Reverend, though he  doesn’t use it regularly because as he says, “I am just a man, and when I am viewed as a reverend people believe they are suppose to behave differently than they would to a lay person.  I want people to think of me as a friend, confidant, or family member” but he is comfortable using spirituality, religious and cultural references as it applies to his clients’ beliefs. He doesn’t want to inject his own model rather he seeks to move his clients to an awareness of extra-ordinary clarity. Whether you incorporate an expression of your religious affiliation or design a ceremony with a purely secular, non-religious approach, Stephen David Dym reaches out to his clients to discover what buttons to push that express their inner sentiments to enrich what is meaningful to them. He practices his craft with dedication and specificity to truly honor the individuals at hand.

WED in NYC offers a unique wedding package for any sized budget. Whether you are looking for a quiet and inexpensive ceremony in beautiful Central Park, a private ceremony on a beach in the Hamptons or Fire Island, or a full blown extravaganza featuring New York’s local Broadway and performance art talent, this Wedding Officiant has the resources to put what it takes together to create the perfect setting for you to claim your rights as a family and celebrate your relationship.

There is no better wedding officiant to call on for a personalized wedding ceremony and experience that will make lifelong memories for you and your partner. His practice is trained, learned, artistic, personalized and moving and intellectually honest, tapping into the essence of the connection of love between two people and their families seeking to have the perfect experience to remember. WED in NYC also works with photographers, musicians, performers, florists, caterers, limo companies  and others to join forces in making lasting wedding memories for couples and their families.  Stephen David Dym is always broadening his professional network to offer his clients the very best.

As he says,“marriage is first and foremost a practice- an action- and not an institution. No one, no minister or officiant or city clerk can marry you to your spouse. Only you can marry each other, and this marriage begins at a unique moment in your history with your spouse when your investment in your emotional union became greater than the sum of its parts. It is a continuous motion, something that every moment in your life with your partner validates and constructs itself throughout your time together.”

Contact WED in NYC and you will find a friend who will help you every step of the way. Get WED in New York City and bring equality home with you.For more information on Stephen Dym’s wedding services, visit:

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