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The greatest thing about gay Tel Aviv, besides it being the amazing gay capital that it is- is that there it never rests. And if you are not too tired from last night's partying, and you'd like to spend some time to explore Tel Aviv's art scene- you are sure to get a taste of fine art, of whichever kind you fancy. Throughout the city, and surly not too far from your gay hotel, you will be able to find an art gallery- be it modern, contemporary or classic art, video art, instillation etc. But to get a better idea of the current Israeli artistic vibe you might want to venture out further into the city in search of the more complex and inspiring art.

All over the city you can find literally dozens of galleries, museums and art houses. Wanting to keep you as focused as possible, we concentrated a few of what we think are the best ones and the most representative of current Israeli art. But please, feel free to go out art-hunting on your own! It is highly recommended to book gay hotels in Tel Aviv that are close to the center, where everything happens, including its rich and diverse art scene.

Sommer Contemporary Art  gallery, conveniently located on 13th Rothschild Boulevard (one of the major gay boulevards), is dedicated to the promotion of Israeli contemporary art in the international art scene and also vice versa- the introduction of international art to the Israeli art lovers. Artists that have exhibited in Sommer Contemporary Art  gallery have, trough the help of the gallery, also exhibited their art in major galleries in London, Paris, Berlin and more.

The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art showcases changing exhibitions of all the major players in the art industry today. The variety of artists, international or Israeli that present their work in The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art manage to reflect currents and perceptions in the ever changing world of international contemporary art. This gallery is located in a beautiful area, neighboring Israel's National Theater "Habima", offering garden and benches to relax on before or after or during your gallery-hopping.

Noga Gallery exhibits the finest crops of Israeli art- sculptors, photography, painting, video arts and more. If you're looking for more edgy art- this is where you want to go. Located on Ehad Ha'am" street, it I close to some very good restaurants where you can have a fabulous lunch in a very gay friendly environment and discuss your takes on the art you've just experienced.

Another very important form of art is cinema, and this field is also very developed in Israel. Tel Aviv is house to two very important venues that showcase cinematic creations of all jenres and nationalities, among other establishments of that sort. Tel Aviv cinematheque, located on Karlibach street off Ebn Gvirol street, screens films from Israel and from all over the world at all hours of the day for very reasonable fares. It also hold meetings and seminars in various artistic subjects and more importantly- this venue proudly holds the annual LGBT film festival- TLVFest. This film festival is a very important to the Israeli LGBT community and to the Israeli public in general as it fights to bring the community's fight for equal rights to the center of the Israeli agenda. On top of that, throughout the festival you can enjoy dozens of gay and lesbian quality films from Israel and from all around the globe.

We think there's nothing better than sipping some wine in sunset on one of the gay beaches in Tel Aviv, after a day full of exciting artistic discoveries. Don't you?

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