Halloween can be a great travel time for singles and couples. This year, Halloween falls on a Monday, but the leading weekend can bring happy memories for travelers of all backgrounds. Many cities offer a variety of Halloween inspired events and festivals. These showcase local Halloween treats, crafts, shows, and costumes!

Halloween enthusiasts will find cities and towns that are dedicated to making this fall holiday memorable for all. There are cities specializing in haunted hayrides, pumpkin patches, and ghost tours. Find your closest asylum or corn maze and head out for an evening of terror.

For those who aren’t looking to be afraid this Halloween, many bars and restaurants offer Halloween-themed drinks and specials. If you like to roam and travel cities at night, don’t forget to catch your local Halloween drag show!

When traveling on Halloween weekend, be sure to stay safe and don’t go near the edges of woods. This year primarily southern locals in the U.S. have been ordering and purchasing scary clown costumes and standing at the edge of the woods or highway holding violent object(s) or just attempting to scare others in general. In some cases, these clowns are just having a good time celebrating the season; however, in other situations, these clowns have threatened with violence. Some police action has been taken to stop situations from going too far. No matter where you are this Halloween weekend, stay safe!

Travelling during Halloween weekend can be a great relaxing time to enjoy fall and sweet treats at the end of October. Some places have Halloween festivities beginning the week before Oct. 31, and some early birds have been celebrating the whole month. Get your pumpkin carvings on your front porches and set out your scarecrows because Halloween festivities will start before you know it!

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