By Felipe A. Tamegão

Brazil is paradise for the gay tourist.  Beautiful people, nice beaches, good weather, amazing parties … you’ll find it all here.  As in any large country, you’ll find many terrific parties on any given weekend.  Hell & Heaven is one of the must-attend events.  It’s a concept-party that integrates different nightclubs in a luxury resort and runs from May 13th through May 15th in Angra dos Reis. This is a party like no other and combines the best Brazil has to offer.

Angra dos Reis is a city located a few hours from Rio de Janeiro.  It´s archipelago is formed by 365 different islands. One island for each day of the year! It´s the city where the rich and famous buy their weekend houses, go diving, or simply spend the day at their yacht. The Atlantic Sea there is famous for its greenish color, or in some places almost crystal clear water, perfect for diving. Native forest (Mata Atlantica) can be found easily and yet almost untouched. This scenario given, Hell & Heaven seems to go strong this year as an option for gay tourism in this part of the globe during this weekend.

DJ Pagano (Italy, first time in Brazil) and the Spanish Duo, Magic Solutions, (DJ and live sax) - not to mention Chris Cox and Joe Gauthreaux (both form USA) and seven more Brazilian talents will provide the beats for revelers. It´s certainly lovely to wait for the sun to rise while enjoying a live sax DJ performance.  Rumor has it there will also be a party on a private island!  Our friends from Grupo Rheo (from Buenos Aires) and Flexx  (from Sao Paulo)  are partners in this event.

In 2010, the international edition of H&H took place at "Costa do Sauipe", a giant resort complex in Bahia (76 kilometers from its capital, Salvador) that happens to be the largest complex in Latin America. H & H organizers claim that Sauipe is the international version of this festival.  The weather there is perfect, it almost never rains, sunny all the time, terrific accommodation and entertainment awaits every single tourist. It´s scheduled to happen from the 2nd thru 6th of November of this year.  Last year tourists from Europe, North America, and all over Latin America visited that festival as well as people from 22 different regions from Brazil.

"As we're heading to our third year, we're hoping to increase the number of tourists to enjoy a true and unique Brazilian experience.  Paradisiacal beaches, premium resorts, the hottest guys and girls and the best parties ever." says Guga Rahner, the event marketing and operations director.

 Brazil is the perfect holiday spot.  Beautiful people, amazing beaches, good weather all year long, affordable options and … let’s not forget Brazilians’ specialty … PARTIES. Whether you are going to the south or heading north you will find a party to rock your trip.

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