It is with a heavy heart that we write about the situation in Chechnya (part of the Russian Federation).  It is extremely dangerous and the lives of our fellow gay and bi-sexual men who live there are in peril.

The situation is grave and we urge you to please stay away.  However, that doesn’t mean we cannot actively help and acts of generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Donate here through the King Baudouin Foundation of the United States

What will your contributions pay for?

$25 would provide food for one day
$50 would pay for safe shelter
$100 would cover all visa related fees
$250 would pay for one person to get to a first safe destination
$600 would pay for one person to get to a final safe destination

Your tax-deductible donation will help a network of European LGBTI human rights defenders organize the effort inside Russia to find safe haven for those under threat.

On behalf of, thank you for your attention and your support.

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