For the record, Casper was more than just a “friendly” ghost. Yep, when the playful spirit opened his mouth, a spooktacular, rainbow-colored purse fell out. And, as for his witchy gal pal Wendy? She was a hag … and we’re not talking the kind with a pointy hat and broomstick.

Gay ghosts? Historically, the spirit realm has transcended sexual orientation. Now that the tightly-guarded doors of the paranormal closet have creaked open, spirits from New England’s not-so-Puritanical past are coming out.

With the gay-friendly holiday known as Halloween lurking in the horizon, we’ve assembled a motley crew of atypical regional haunts, ranging from Boston’s oldest continuously operated hotel which allegedly boasts a gender-bending spirit to a former funeral parlor turned bed & breakfast in Provincetown.
It appears that the Lower Cape continues to be a LGBT playground … even in the afterlife.

Haunted regional hot spots brimming with gay ghosts? Think of it as Boston Spirit’s guide to the spirits. Whether you’re a believer in the “Boo!” business or just an amused skeptic, here’s a local look at the things that go bump — and grind — in the night.

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