An incident at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport was recorded last week which shows an intoxicated man verbally and physically attacking another man because he believed he was gay. In the video you see the intoxicated man throwing homophobic insult towards a man in a pink shirt. The man in the pink shirt pulls out his cell phone to photograph or film the incident which angers the intoxicated man even more. 

A man in a cowboy hat approaches and tries to intervene in the quarrel. "What are you upset about?" he asks.

"Queers is what I'm upset about!" the intoxicated man shouts, pointing at a traveler wearing a pink shirt. "This faggot right here."

When the homophobic man finally turns to violence and swings a punch and throws a kick at the traveler wearing a pink shirt, bystanders step in and pull the intoxicated man to the ground. 

Airport security comes in at the last minute to apprehend the man.

What's most disturbing in this video is that all while this man is shouting homophobic insults at another person inside an airport, there is absolutely no sign of airport security addressing the situation. In fact you see a security guard cross the camera, lean on the terminal counter to speak with an airline employee and then walks away. It is clear that airport employees are seeing what is going on but no action is being taken.

Warning: This video contains NSFW language

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