The cardio tourism concept, itself, is nothing new, but it's added an extra layer to leisure and business travel for me. And I'm certainly not the only one. Many active people travel to run races, complete triathlons or cycle through other states and countries. Some are even trying to run marathons in all 50 states, as you can see at 50 States Marathon Club. 

For me, as a relatively new runner, the idea of combining a business trip, a vacation, or a chance to see family with a race is exciting and fun. My friend, Jenny, encouraged me to run a half marathon with her in Prescott, Arizona. I recruited my brother to run with me in our hometown of South Bend, Indiana. I've also run in Chicago and other places, near and far.

When my husband and I visited La Jolla, California last summer, we found a race there and both of us ran. When I make plans to travel to see a client, I plot it out, when possible, based on when there's a race or event. A lot of people associate the beach and boat drinks with leisure time. I love those too, but for me, a run in a different city is a great way to get to truly discover the new terrain.

4 Cardio Tourism Tips

1. Plan your trip so you have plenty of time to make it to the race expo. Part of the fun is meeting other runners and vendors.

2. "Like" the races Facebook page and sign up for the newsletter. You'll see great tips from other runners.

3. Pre-race is no time to change your routine or try an exotic new restaurant or bar, especially if you're running a longer distance. Eat simply and wait until after the race to indulge.

4. Pack smart, and carry on as much of your running gear as you can, rather than checking it.

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