Here at, we get asked the same question a lot. Travelers seem to hem and haw about choosing the right spot for their holiday. Where should I go? This is understandable since there are a lot of factors that go into a vacation and if you don’t consider them, you waste your time and your money. That’s why is here to help the wayward and wondering!Here are the top 5 things to think about before you decide where to go:1) The Scene. Do you want a thriving local gay community or just a small one? Some of the destinations on our site have enormous gay communities and some only have small gay hamlets.2) Activities. Are you interested in a boisterous nightlife or do you prefer the outdoors – hiking, biking and rock climbing?3) Family Friendly. Many of us nowadays have children and you may want amenities that help you and your children enjoy the vacation together.4) Alone or Together? Flying solo may mean you want a destination that has a lot to chose from in the hopes of meeting someone. Couples however may not care as much about the amount of gay life available.5) Weather. Be sure to consider the climate you are traveling to. Do you want to escape cold weather for warm or vice versa?These may sound like simple questions, but you should really pose them to yourself when choosing a destination. Now, get to traveling!-Jason

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