By WendyI don’t know what you think, ladies, but sometimes I find it difficult to be a lesbian in a gay man’s world.Have you ever traveled to a city only to find that you can’t find the women? Sure, that review you read about that gay bar said it had a “mixed crowd.” Right. Translated, that means all guys and two girls. I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.Gay men get all the good hangouts. Wherever they go, they are greeted with a feast of nightlife options. For us it’s slim-pickin’s. We get certain nights at bars — the first Wednesday of the month, every other Tuesday, one Sunday per month. You need a damn Google calendar just to keep it all straight.Starting now, I’m going to do what I can to help. On occasion, I will post a schedule of ladies’ nights in various cities, with the help of insiders. If you want to be an insider, let me know. I need all the help I can get. Either leave a comment or contact me here.First stop is San Diego. I got this scoop from Angie R., an acquaintance of mine who knows the girl scene out there.Bourbon Street in University Heights (4612 Park Blvd.) hosts a couple of nights for the ladies (Fridays and Sundays).Baja Betty’s (1421 University Ave.) in Hillcrest is very popular with lesbians; $3 happy hour M-FSins is a new women’s event that takes place every Friday night at The Brass Rail in Hillcrest (3796 Fifth Ave.). Also Monday nights are a hit there, too, for ‘80s night.Universal Hillcrest (1202 University Ave.) hosts “Entice” Wednesdays for “sophisticated” lesbians (Translation: Dress sharp!)“Touch” on Thursday nights at Rich’s (1051 University Ave.), is a very popular night for San Diego lesbians. In fact, it was voted the No. 1 lesbian event in San Diego. Get $3 Miller Lites all night.Wednesday is girls’ night at Portugalia (4839 Newport Ave.) with live music by local girl bands.On Saturdays, you’ll find the ladies at The Flame (3780 Park Blvd.)Get wet! Blacks Beach is gay-friendly and frequented by both men and women.The pool at the Lafayette Hotel & Suites is a free, gay- and lesbian-friendly public pool with live music and drinks.Hope this helps, ladies! Please contact me with more ideas. View More Gaycations Articles

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