In Paris “there’s no business-like show business!”  A kaleidoscope of sparkling spectacles and dazzling displays, la Ville Lumière (the City of Lights) is globally renowned for its unique knack to bewitch and beguile captive audiences of all varieties. And now, for the second year in a row, Paris invites you to wander its enchanting theatre-strewn streets for a series of one-of-a-kind performances that are guaranteed to mesmerize, hypnotize, and spellbind. So, cue the Orchestra and dim the lights! 
It’s time for SHOWTIME IN PARIS! 

“Maestro, if you please . . .”

From February 25 - March 10, escape the mundane and indulge your senses in full color with a selection of Paris’ most legendary theatrical treasures in some of its most celebrated venues, including Moulin Rouge, Lide de Paris, Alexis Gruss circus, Philharmonie de Paris, Mogador Theatre, and the New Morning.  With something to please every palate, Showtime in Paris’ playbill proudly boasts a wonderful conglomeration of nearly 40 concerts, circuses, live theatre, comedy shows, musicals, family shows, and—of course—cabaret!

If you’ve ever caught yourself fantasizing of the Parisian cabaret scene, now’s your chance to make all your dreams come true!  After all, when in Paris “life is a cabaret, ole chum,” so “come to the cabaret!”  

Gear up for a string of glitzy, glamorous experiences of epic proportions as you journey to the cabaret capital of the world and marvel at the magnificent musical curiosities of the globally renown Moulin Rouge, where you will encounter Féerie, a masterful two-hour adventure of music, dance, and 1000 costumes of fanciful feathers, rhinestones, and sequins!  

And just when you think it couldn’t get any gayer . . .

If gender normativity is not your thing, head on over to the district of Pigalle, where you will delight in the gender-bending gem known as Divan Japonais, a historic café-concert comprised of two of Paris’ most mythical venues: Le Divan du Monde and Madame Arthur.  Surrender to the magnificent mayhem and magic of Madame Arthur and be swept away by a sequence of serenading drag queens and other melodious creatures.  If elaborate makeup, costumes, and beards (Yes, beards!) are your cup of chardonnay, then you will certainly find this live show to be the crème de la crème of big, gay cabarets!

So, whatever it is that floats your Bateaux Mouche, Showtime in Paris is certain to surpass your every expectation!  Don’t speak French?  Pas de soucis! (No worries!)  All Showtime in Paris shows will be subtitled in English to ensure all audience members don’t miss a thing!

Ticket Information

With box offices having officially opened on January 7, you will want to purchase tickets as soon as possible.  And now, with the unbeatable buy one ticket get one free special offer, you can get more bang for you Euro!  For more detailed information concerning the 2019 Showtime in Paris performance calendar, ticket sales, and more, please visit

We will see you in Paris!

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