By Carlos Melia

Just another beautiful Summer Day in New York |  Battery Park & Chelsea Piers, New York |  Saturdays and Sundays are usually the days I take to myself, during the summer, to go running along Chelsea Piers, Hudson River Park and Battery Park, from 25th Street to the World Trade Center and back. During the four years that I have been already in New York, I have seen so much change and improvement in this area, with a focus on health, sports and outdoor activities, something that living in Big Apple, for many reasons you learn to cherish, use and abuse. (photo on the left is the new section of the Hudson River Park on Chelsea between 23rd and 21st Streets in connection with the Chelsea Piers complex and Marina).

In the  video below you can see Battery Park and the new pier that was recently developed where you have a Volleyball arena, a Mini Golf Court, and lots of open air with amazing views of the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty, the Skyline of New York City and Jersey City.

Beautiful summer day, as I entitled this post, with temperatures of over 90F (approx. 31C) but with no humidity at all, so everyone was out today either at the Hudson shores or at the High Line or around the Central Park. Many New Yorkers are already saying OMG.!! the summer is almost over, fearful of the upcoming white winter, which last year was very harsh and cold. Well do not desperate my friends there is still plenty ahead and August is not quite here yet. So if you are a tourist in New York, do not miss to have a short stroll around this area, one of the many highlights of Manhattan. CM

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