’s hometown of San Diego made headlines this weekend when 2 young lesbians werecrowned homecoming king and queen at Patrick Henry High School Lesbian senior Rebeca Arellanonior and her girlfriend Haileigh Adam spoke of their win as an “amazing gesture” to the LGBT community and we couldn’t agree more!

The two teens did not originally plan to run forthe title, but with the encouragment of fellow students, teachers, and theirfamilies decided to join the nominees. The couple has received a ton of support at their high school, even one of Rebeca’s teachers told her that “Today schoolis a bit better because of you girls.”

With the spotlight on their relationship it’s had apositive impact on the other students as well. A bisexual student that a LGBT student’s win has impacted the way she feels at her highschool:

“It makes me think thatyou can be more open and stuff, and the way the school’s reacting to it, like,positively. It makes you more comfortable in the school, and in yourenvironment.”

Unfortunately, the reaction at the high schoolisn’t completely positive. Some Patrick Henry students find the crowning anembarrassment and are peeved that a female won the traditionally male title ofhomecoming king.

Haileigh brought to light that keeping thehomecoming king and queen nominations restricted to gender is unfair to LGBThigh school students and prohibits them from taking part in the same activitiesas straight students. Its efforts like this that will continue to putvisibility into our community and ultimately change the world’s perspective. really would like to congratulate thecouple on their win and the impact it has on the LGBT community, we love yougirls!

photo and comments courtesy abc news

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