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Lez Explore: Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark manages to maintain a certain old, historic charm while still keeping up with modern times and cutting-edge technology. Home to some of the happiest people on earth, Copenhagen is also known for being one of the most progressive cities. Along with that, Copenhagen is definitely one of the world's most gay-friendly cities, comprised of a thriving and integrated LGBTQ+ community. I recently had the pleasure of visiting Denmark’s capital and found that it’s full of amazing sights, all of which are LGBTQ+ friendly, but I’ve highlighted a couple favorites:
The Canals

You can’t think of Copenhagen without it’s beautiful canals coming to mind. So why not get a nice overview of the city by hopping on a boat around town? There are plenty of solid tour boat companies but if you’re feeling more independent and adventurous, you can also rent your own Go Boat. The boats are quite affordable and allow you to go out on the little motorized boats for a couple hours at a time. Inside the boat, there’s also an adorable picnic table you can enjoy snacks and beverages on while you explore the canals at your own pace. Feeling uneasy about driving around on a canal full of rogue boats? Not to worry because they cap each boat at a safe and manageable speed.


Once you’ve gotten the lay of the land, you can pop over to Centralhjørnet for a drink. Centralhjørnet is credited as being one of the world’s oldest gay bars.  Last year it celebrated it’s 100th anniversary.  Despite being 100 years old, the owners have kept it in good shape and it is still a CPH hotspot.  You can chill inside or sit outdoors at any of the quaint tables that line the corner bar.  

Tivoli Gardens

After you’ve checked out one of the oldest gay bars in the world, head over to Tivoli Gardens to explore one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.  The park, first built in 1843, is said to have been the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Parks.  So basically, think Disneyworld, but less commercial.  Though smaller than Disney, Tivoli definitely has its own quaint charm with several amusement rides, carnival games, and open-air stage shows.  Be sure to stick around in the evening to enjoy the fireworks display!

Freetown Christiania

Lastly and perhaps the most unique thing you’ll see in Copenhagen is Freetown Christiania.  The area is an independently governed commune in the middle of Copenhagen spreading about 84 acres.  Christiania was founded in 1971 by people who felt they didn’t have a place in Copenhagen’s “regular” society (including LGBT persons).  Today, about 900 people live in Christiania and still embrace a certain hippie and free-spirited attitude.  If you take a stroll through, be sure to avoid taking photos because residents don’t like that.  Also, be aware that there is a designated “Green Light District” where you can find several hash and marijuana dealers, which may not be the most kid-friendly depending on your style.

Whether you’re a foodie and want to try one of Copenhagen’s 15 Michelin-starred restaurants or more outdoorsy and like to spend your days cycling through town, there’s something for everyone in Copenhagen.  Don’t forget to try the beer and open-faced sandwiches (aka Smørrebrød)!  For more info on LGBTQ+ Copenhagen click here.

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