Same-sex marriage was nationally legalized in 2015, since then, LGBT resource centers on college campuses and in communities are increasing in number. These centers are excellent for providing helpful resources and education opportunities for LGBT youth and adults.

LGBT centers are necessary, especially in areas where LGBT communities are less accepted. These centers provide information and resources to advance the academia of the community and create an overall better understanding of equal rights in humanity. The recent increase may correlate an increase in inclusion on campuses and in communities.

To help the cause, stop by your local LGBT resource center and check out their specializations and ask what they can do to educate the community. If your community or campus doesn’t have a resource center, contact faculty or elected officials in the community to get something organized. Many online communities like Straight Gay Alliance and GLAAD can provide helpful information in expanding LGBT education and acceptance.

LGBT Resource centers may seem like they have always existed or should exist everywhere, but they haven’t always been around and they are far from being the majority accepted. Like many other strides and acceptance movements, these resource centers will show that hate for the LGBT community is nothing more than a lack of understanding and knowledge on the subject. LGBT centers are meant to educate and help, but also most importantly to provide a safe and welcoming place for members of the LGBT community.

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