Motorcyclists love the open road, the feel of wind in their face, and the joy of the ride. It's no wonder they want to share that love of the ride with their pets. But traveling by motorcycle with a pet can be dangerous for you, your pet, and for others on the road if the proper care and equipment isn't used. If you are planning on taking your pet with you on your next trip, be sure to plan ahead so that everyone ends up safe and comfortable.

Before the Trip

When you begin your planning for your first road trip with your pet, there are some steps you should take to be sure you, your rig and your pet are ready to roll. Starting well in advance of your departure date can give you the time you need to tackle necessary tasks, like taking your furry friend to the vet for a checkup, picking up needed supplies, or going to for motorcycle tires. Don't leave things until last minute hoping to get it all done.

  • Have your pet checked by a vet for health concerns
  • Ensure the pet carrier and equipment is properly installed
  • Take a few short trips around the block without your pet
  • Practice a few times with your pet around the area
  • Have your bike checked out for safety
  • Load up your bike and take it for a practice run

Equipment Needed

It's not going to be easy deciding which safety gear to choose. With many different styles, looks, and products on the market, it could be overwhelming. Here is a list of equipment you should have when traveling with your pet, as recommends:

  • A vet-recommended pet carrier that fits your motorcycle and your pet
  • Comfortable bedding in the carrier
  • The proper weather gear for your pet
  • Rain/Snow cover for the carrier
  • Plenty of pet food and water
  • Any medications for your pet

Planning the Trip

Choosing your destination, length of trip, time of year, and activities can be part of the fun too. You will have to make frequent stops along the way, so plan a trip with lots of interesting places to visit. Here are some sites that offer detailed trip planning for bikers:

Motorcycle Roads ( Offers detailed information about roads, routes, trips and more in all of the fifty states of the US. It includes member stories and experiences as well.

Best Biking Roads ( Who better to learn from than other bikers when it comes to knowing which roads to take? This site shares the best motorcycle trips from around the world. With video, photos, stories, and more, the specific road tips are all given by the bikers who traveled them.

MotoWhere? ( Helping you discover the best places to ride, whether you are looking for long and twisty, or long distance cruising, this site has tons of routes shared by other riders. For those with GPS systems, you can link right into the site.

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